AM2i Overhead

AM2i Overhead Conveyor

A light duty conveyor system most ideal and reliable for industries with continuous type of manufacturing processes. The system is engineered to easily integrate with its successor, the AM3i type of conveyor line. Specially designed enclosed tracks keeps the product clean from dirt and grease while the high chain speed provide for continuous fast movement of material between operations. Result is an efficient, cost effective and maintenance free system.

  • Fast delivery and variable speed for process lines
  • Requires minimum maintenance
  • Can handle unit weight upto 120 kgs. and temperature upto 90°C
  • Can interface with any type of automation and process equipment
  • Plastic parts storage lines
  • Steel parts storage lines
  • Continuously moving sub assembly line
  • Storage lines with assorted models
  • Weld & paint body storage lines
  • Powder coating lines