AM3i Overhead

AM3i Overhead Conveyor

Its modular and flexible design makes the conveyor suitable for complex applications in the assembly, painting and oven areas and enables movements through inclines, declines and turns; also allowing the interface with any type of automation or process equipment. Smooth and noiseless transfer of trolleys from one conveyor loop to another and switching from high speed conveyor ro a low speed one and vice versa. The system is compatible with the AM2i conveyor and can withstand higher chain pull.

  • Storage of carriers in the conveyor without stopping the conveyor
  • Allows different speeds at individual locations
  • Can handle unit weight upto 120 kgs. and temperature upto 250°C
  • Can switch from one conveyor loop to another even at different speeds
  • Steel parts painting, process & oven lines
  • PT & ED coating lines
  • Assembly lines
  • Powder coating lines