Skid Conveyor


An intelligent, state of the art skid conveyor system widely used in Weld, Paint, Assembly and Logistics areas in Automobile Plants. Capable of handling component weight upto 3500 kgs, the frame structures are offered in steel (powder coated / painted) and stainless steel options depending on end application. Roller tables can be chain driven or belt driven (for noiseless and clean operation) with a wide variety of rollers made from steel, stainless steel, PU, etc. Easy to integrate with lifters, cross transfers, swivel table, turntables and other devices to form an integrated layout.

  • Modular system
  • Factory assembled and tested modules for easy, quick and error free installation
  • Integration with SCADA / Production control systems
  • Capable of handling 3500 kgs
  • Assembly lines
  • Weld shop
  • Paint shop
  • Storage systems