Stretchhood Packaging

Automag – Dino

Stretchhood Packaging Machine

Automag introduces a highly effective and cost efficient way to package your goods. It is by far the best choice in Pallet stabilization. It is compact, cheaper, faster, better and more sustainable.

  • Upto 180 pallets per hour
  • Firmer packaging
  • Dust and water proof
  • Huge energy saving by elimination of pneumatics and hydraulics
  • Lower construction height and floor space required
  • Building Industry - Bricks, Roof tiles, Tiles, Insulation material, Ceramic products.
  • Food Industry - Cans, Bottles, Crates, Boxes, PET bottles, Bagged goods.
  • White Goods - Refrigerators, Freezers, Washing machines, Dryers, Household appliances, Ovens.
  • Bagged Goods - Fertilizer, Milk powder, Granulate, Pet food, Chemicals, Grains.
  • Unstable Goods - Jerry cans, Reels, Yarn, Light products.
  • Logistic Goods - Boxes, Roll containers, Crates, Containers, FIBC.