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Nipper AGVs

The NIPPER is a compact AGV for unmanned internal pallet transportation. Fully safe, the Nipper works in spaces where people are active. The Nipper meets the most stringent safety requirements. Equipped with safety laser scanners, emergency stop bumpers, emergency stop buttons and Blue Spot.

Intelligent software communicates over Wi-Fi with the Nipper. After a command is taken, the Nipper performs this independently. The battery management system ensures a short loading time which takes place automatically.


  • Safe in manned spaces
  • Most compact pallet AGV
  • Self-programming
  • High safety standard
  • Navigation without infrastructure
  • Prevents accidents and damages
  • Automatic loading process
  • Communication over Wi-Fi
Weight 200kg
Load capacity 1000kg
Lifting height Adjustable up to max. 223mm
Safety 1 x Safety laser scanner with integrated safety zones
Navigation Freely programmable based on structures and contours in the work environment
Driving speed 3,6 km/h (1mtr/sec)
Management On board battery management system (BMS)
Charging station Fully automatic loading without manual operation
Charging time 30 minutes
Chemistry LiFePO4
Freedom of movement Omnidirectional
Certification CE marking